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Help us reach our goal

OSM has have offically teamed up with award winning director Kim Rocco shields and her company,

Genius productions to shoot a pilot episode. 


Our goal is to hit the 10K mark so that we can produce the highest quality pilot which will propel OSM into the

spotlight for greater opportunities to change the world.

The funds will be used to film a high quality pilot episode meant for public viewing on the web, with the hope that from this initial video, the movement can get the exposure it needs to take off across the world and make an immeasurable impact.


Your support means the world, you can also help Our Selfless Movement spread by joining the movement from your own social media accounts. Simply capture the moment of kindness with the sign for I love you over your heart and share the story on social media with #ourselflessmovement

  • #ourselflessmovement
  • #ourselflessmovement

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